The city of Genoa attracts the biggest real estate investors at MIPIM 2018 using data and maps to enable deep location understanding and opportunities matching

Real Estate investors are increasingly speaking the language of data

The municipality of Genoa presented itself at MIPIM 2018, the most important European Real Estate forum, to promote urban regeneration initiatives in the city and attract interested investors.

 visit GenovaMeravigliosa

 visit GenovaMeravigliosa

Among the various initiatives that the administration has put in the field, also, the website dedicated to territorial marketing,, has been created.  

Colouree has created the biggest part of the visible maps in the Genoa city website, which allows accessing data of the city central area, visited objects, leisure facilities and other places of interest. In this way citizens, tourists, investors, businessmen, consultants, and others have an opportunity to get all the necessary and extensive information about the real face of the city.

Every year Genoa becomes more and more developed because the municipality is constantly searching for investors, and implying several projects in different sectors at one time.

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