Rating the built up areas in the cities of data

Colouree allows to analyze any property surroundings in the world

and rate their suitability for living, leisure activities or opening a business

by using just 3 clicks and without having to be an expert

Get the results of the analysis of over a million measurements and geo-referenced data in a simple and real-time manner

Is it the right location for my investment?

If you need to make better-informed and evidence based location choise and investment decisions, by using Colouree platform you can obtain the necessary data without having to be an expert.

Colouree allows you to:

Select the properties and places of your interest directly on the web-map

Discover the most highly rated properties and locations for your needs and interests

Compare buildings taking into account various indicators

To obtain the real-time results of the analysis of almost one million measurements and geo-reffered data in about three minutes 

Evaluate any property location you are interested in FOR FREE

Colouree is a PropTech startup that supports Real Estate Market  leveraging geo-referred data and urban spatial analysis to provide a deep understanding about locations and neighbourhoods. 

Colouree allows its users to easily match their needs in term of lifestyle,  business or commute with the right location and surrounding.