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The New Normal for Real Estate and Cities after Covid 19

The rule of Ai, Data and Location Analytics

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As COVID-19 expands its impact entire Cities experienced ‘lockdown’ and its disruptive effects from social and economic standpoints, revealing how urban data and analytics specifically related to accessibility, urban health and safe city concepts are still underused compared to their strategic contributions.

Colouree technology moulds together artificial intelligence (AI), geographic information systems (GIS) and algorithms able to measure and recognize urban networks and show how people, activities and build up space interact, highlighting the impact that each urban environment could have on quality of life.

Applied to Cities And Real Estate, Colouree outcomes could drive value, create great spaces that people want to be, and help to achieve more resilient cities and more sustainable communities focused on wellbeing and proximity approaches.

Smart Cities host a rich array of technological products (IoT sensors) and GIS data that can be used to improve the health fabric of cities, a more resilience planning and more effective decision making during emergencies, as location is an integral part of both population and individual health.



The way peoplelive​, ​move and ​work is ​deeply changing from the past, and shiftings in their expectations are affecting Cities and Real Estate placing well-being and resilience at their core. 

COVID-19 experience may represent the opportunity to dramatically accelerate progress toward achieving global sustainability targets, such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

But these metrics are rarely used in decision-making, and existing indicators suffer from either small or big city bias

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To be relevant and to ensure long-term returns Real Estate, ​the largest asset type globally, but also one of the last in tech adoption, have to invest in placemaking and maximising positive impacts,

but traditional solutions are inadequate to assess the wider range of non-financial measures required, and to measure shiftings in users’ expectations.

Cities and Real Estate has to improve its operations and insights, but analysts don’t have a one-stop data collection where they can find what they are looking for, and consultant agencies are time and cost consuming, limiting their use only to major cities.

Colouree offers Ai, Data and Location Analytics to understand and measure how built up spaces of our cities “perform” compared to those services, amenities, commutes, wellbeing and experiences that the ultimate users require, supporting smart and faster decision making to address environmental challenges while enabling economic growth.

Colouree innovation is to leverage the unique synergies of Ai, geo-referred data and ​location ​analytics,​ to foster proximity-oriented policies and enable a more effective matching between people needs in term of lifestyle, commute or business with the right location.

In 3 simple click, without having to be an expert, It offers an interactive and visual access to spatial information and qualitative rating of urban built up spaces, by the results real time of almost 1 million measurements and geo-referred data per analysis

Real Estate account for 40% of the world’s energy consumptions, and urban sprawl is responsible for 30% of all greenhouse gases. Colouree could support urban planning and Real Estate decision making to reduce urban sprawl up to 15%, and GHG reduction related to more dense living benefits up to 20%.

Better urban design, nature based solutions, and mixed uses in real estate have the potentials to influence energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions.

  • Up to 15% CO2 reduction thanks to better urban design and functions distribution supported by big data and spatial metrics analytics
  • 30% more efficiency in urban growth analysis​: urban sprawl, soil reduction, connectivity,and compactness


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