Proptech facing Coronavirus – what contribution of emerging technologies to the emergency?

How Big Data and Location Intelligence can help real estate and our cities to understand changes on people expectations?

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Colouree’s location intelligence platform allows you to combine geographic information and artificial intelligence



Heat-map urban services concentration

Decision making in complex and multi-relational environments such as contemporary cities, pushed by a not predictable emergency,  requires integration capability between sensors (IoT) and geo-referenced big data, and their processing with the contribution of artificial intelligence and location intelligence.

Understand and manage services facing emergency needs

Colouree processes data with the contribution of artificial intelligence and algorithms able to measure different parameters like accessibility, distances, catchment areas.

Insights and analysis are directly displayed on interactive web maps, accessible from any device, simplifying remote and on field collaboration between the operators involved, without the need for technical skills.

With Colouree it is possible to process:

  • locations and catchment areas of the main services (hospitals, pharmacies, public offices, supermarkets, etc.);
  • socio-demographic segments that can have access to those within given distance limits, and who are excluded;
  • scenarios related to the reduction-expansion of mobility levels;
  • locations where to implement compensatory services.
Colouree-coronavirus-catchment areas

Catchment areas, accessibility levels to services, socio-demographic insights

With Colouree it is possible to identify the catchment areas of the main services (hospitals, pharmacies, public offices, etc.) related to parameters of maximum distances, density or reachability.
Within the perimeters generated by the analysis, it is therefore possible to automatically obtain the insights of the socio-demographic aspects.

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Colouree offers tools and technologies for effective and smart decision making, that enable users to understand, analyse, and visualize real-world phenomena according to their locations.

  • simple: because it is based on interactive maps, which does not require data entry by the user;
  • accessible: because it works on the web and it is accessible from any device;
  • effective: because it is based on evidence of data and algorithms capable of measuring urban space in terms of accessibility, distances, density and catchment  areas.

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