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AI, Data and Location Intelligence for Smart Cities and Real Estate

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Colouree represents an ecosystem of connected solutions developed for various application areas.

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Our lifestyle, work, and mobility habitsare radically changing.

This generates new expectations that impact the built spaces of cities and buildings, placing the individual and their well-being, in a new perspective of sustainability.

Each of us has unique needs for our lifestyle and and business, and not all contexts offer what we require.

Colouree aims to simplify and data-driven analysis of any property or location, starting from the specific needs of those evaluating it, through proprietary solutions of AI, Data, and Urban Location Intelligence.

01. User-Centric Solutions

We develop software solutions only after understanding what can effectively and efficiently meet the users' needs.

06. Scalability and Adaptability

The solutions adapt to the needs of customers, rapidly evolving, growing together with them,

reducing costs, and improving productivity.

05. Data Visualization

The graphical visualization of information provides an intuitive and easy-to-understand solution, allowing for the identification of trends, patterns, and relationships that may be difficult to detect through traditional numerical analysis. It can also be shared among individuals with different backgrounds.

02. Evidence-Based Decisions

Making data-driven decisions in rapidly changing scenarios allows for timely responses to new challenges and reduces the gap with the customer.

03. Monitoring Impacts

We help both public and private decision-makers make decisions based on the assessment of value and well-being impacts on people, activities, and the environment.

04.Maximasing ROI

Geospatial data analysis provides detailed information about the characteristics of each location, market trends, and growth opportunities. Moreover, data analysis allows for optimizing marketing and sales strategies.


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What's PropTech

Il Proptech (Property+ Technology) is a rapidly evolving sector that focuses on using technology to enhance processes and facilitate more informed decisions in the real estate sectorColouree focuses on developing location intelligence solutions, geospatial data analysis, and artificial intelligence applications that gather and analyze information on building usage, contexts, interactions, real estate demand, and market trends.

What's UrbanTech

With UrbanTech (Urban+Technology) UrbanTech is described as a collection of technologies and digital solutions designed to improve urban life. The purpose of UrbanTech is to to make cities more efficient, sustainable, and livable., offering innovative solutions to urban issues. A continuously evolving sector that is increasingly attracting attention. più l'attenzione Not only for Public Administrations but also for investors and companies, who see it as an opportunity to contribute to creating smarter and connected cities of the future.

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Smart City | UrbanTech

Liveable and sustainable cities

Making effective decisions in complex and multi-relational domains such as our cities is increasingly challenging, requiring managers and decision-makers to enhance their ability to integrate available information with the needs and expectations of citizens.

Colouree offers innovative solutions that simplify the understanding of interactions between people, activities, and built spaces in urban areas.

Using geographic information and spatial analysis, Colouree helps to address sustainable urban development challenges by providing tools such as web maps, spatial statistics, and geographic information systems (GIS).

Analyze and Decide

The analysis of geospatial data allows for more informed and, consequently, more effective decision-making regarding the sustainable development of cities and the complex interactions that take place within them.

Increase impacts

Thanks to Colouree's tools, it is possible to enhance the responsiveness to the real needs of citizens and users, and increase positive impacts through strategies that adapt to the specificities of each context.


Thanks to Colouree's solutions, it is possible to monitor changes over time in the presence of activities, services, property values, etc., including through SDG indicators and local sustainable agenda goals.


Colouree's geospatial analysis models allow for simulating the impacts associated with different project scenarios or options, utilizing artificial intelligence to develop predictive models.

Public Entities

Building on a fifteen-year experience in integrated and urban regeneration projects, the Colouree team has expanded over time to include specialists in software and GIS development, data science, spatial analysis, communication, and marketing. This multidisciplinarity allows us today to support Public Administrations in the development of complex projects based on data-driven approaches.

Smart Planning


Nature Based Solutions

Sustainable Development Goals


15 Minutes Cities

Decimetro 2.0


Il sistema Decimetro 2.0 (Metropolitan City of Milan Decision-Making Systemis the institutional platform for consultation and coordination of territorial information and knowledge to support general and sectoral programming, planning and design decisions. It offers analysis functions capable of providing a more in-depth reading of data through statistics, indices, indicators, and thematic maps, becoming a decision-making tool to support the provision of services and guidance on environmental practices.