Smart city Guidance Package


A Roadmap for integrated planning and implementation of Smart City projects
EIP-SCC European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities
Smart city Guidance Package

Colouree is among the innovative solutions mentioned in the guide within the challenges connected to the use of urban data analysis platforms.

Decision makers and stakeholders involved in the planning and implementation stages of the smart city projects must be supported in a framework of increasing complexity.

Therefore, the need increases by tools able to analyze increasing amounts of information, coming from different sources and at different scales. Analyzing the phenomena in a comprehensible way gives a clear understanding to stakeholders with different backgrounds.

An increasingly central role is played by the development of dashboards and tools which, through advanced systems of automated data analysis (often geo-referenced) and data-visualization, support decision-making and simulate the impacts that they can generate in urban contexts.


Smart city Guidance Package

The European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) is an initiative supported by the European Commission to create the largest marketplace in the sector that brings together around 4,000 public and private partners, to increase partnerships and synergies, to identify common projects and increase the demand for roll-out of mature technologies and innovative services.

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