The municipality of Turin is trying to transform the undeveloped areas of the city and make them friendly and affordable for the students and business development.

Colouree will use their algorithms to analyse the geo-referred big data from the city information bases and create interactive maps. 

The aim of the project is to develop an innovative web platform where people could find the analyzes of urban spaces. This project will focus especially on students and their needs in the “big city”.


students housing


Smart city decisions

Many students come to Turin for studying and have problems while searching for an accommodation; they spend a lot of time checking the neighborhoods and amenities around it. The maps and characteristics of any place in the city concerning the needs and lifestyles of student user will be available to the community of students, in particular university students (both residents and from other cities).

The purpose of the platform is twofold: on the one hand, to promote the innovative use of the City’s data to increase its attractiveness and to provide students-users a thorough information of the context of places, areas, buildings; on the other hand, to make the city “smart”: create the opportunities for business, improve the security and transportation systems and expand the leisure facilities and social areas. Once implemented, the analyses and services of the platform will ensure coverage of the entire urban territory.


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