PropTech is not a niche phenomenon anymore. There is an open market for it and plenty of competitors

 A wider understanding of PropTech

PropTech is a term used to define any technology for the real estate space. Steadily more data get produced as we are becoming more connected, and, therefore, a necessity for the data to be classified and compressed grows, too, opening an opportunity for PropTech solutions to step in.  


Colouree team, startup

Clients’ expectations are becoming higher, they demand not only detailed information on buildings of their interest and space around them but also require references or feedback of their potential customers. Compressed data as a result of communication helps in the process of infrastructure creation for urban planning and smart cities, as it allows to save time on information acquisition in this extremely competitive market. 


In a wider perspective, Proptech could be described as a network for innovation, startups, and developers in the real estate industry.


Currently, PropTech is no longer perceived as a niche phenomenon, and the number of competitors is increasing.

Every year PropTechMap contest takes place and startups are competing, and trying to prove themselves as the best ones in 5 contest categories: Invest and Finance, Market, Plan and Build, Manage and Operate, Next City Solutions. 


The Top 100 European PropTech Startups in 2018 

About Colouree

This year Colouree is also going to participate in the PropTech Startups competition in Invest and Finance category.


Colouree is a tool for rating the built-up areas in the cities of data around the world in real time without any need for expert advice. 


Colouree addresses the large and growing market segment of investors, managers, and consultants, making it possible for them to obtain comprehensive and structured information, as well as a quality index of any property considered for investing in.

Colouree gives an opportunity for its users to get geo-referred data analyzed in real time to match their users’ preferences in terms of their or their clients’ business needs and/or lifestyle and, therefore, make smarter business decisions. 


Using its algorithms Colouree collects and provides the information not only about the places but also about the most common customer needs, in this way both offer and demand sides of the market can communicate without a real connection.


As a result of this process, businessmen fill the gaps of space and earn money easier from the satisfied and well-informed customers.

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