Colouree is a partner of the Nature4cities project, which was funded by 7,5 million euros from the EU Horizon 2020


On November, 2016 at Anglet (FR) the Kick Off Meeting took place to start the project with the participation of all partners from different European countries.

Nature4cities is a European Commission H2020 funded project, creating a comprehensive platform for Nature Based Solution, offering technical solutions, methods and tools to empower urban planning decision making.


This will help addressing contemporary environmental, social and economical challenges that European Cities face.


The project aims to develop an integrated ecosystem of governance and planning tools focused on the use of nature-based solutions in urban contexts. Also to offer an effective knowledge and solutions to re-naturing cities: knowledge diffusion and decision support platform through new collaborative models.


Colouree is one of the 25 partners companies, universities, research centers and municipalities from all over Europe that constitute the consortium that will develop the project in the next 4 years on 4 pilot sites in urban areas in Italy, Spain, Turkey, and Hungary. 


The names of the the partners and their location on the map you can find here:

The platform launch is planned in 2020. It will provide knowledge repositories, tools for the assessment of benefits, co-benefits and costs of NBS projects, as well as tools for managing stakeholder’s participation processes.

More information you can find on the project website:

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