Experiences, feelings and people needs are transforming the Real Estate market, the surrounding already have equal importance of the property itself.

Space as a Service

Through the last years created technological landscape changed our world radically. People think that everything should bring a profit. Even the built up space is understanding not like an unoccupied area anymore, but as a service, which using in an efficient way helps to earn money. 

colouree location analytics the importance of the surroundings in real estate markets

Nowadays best working accomodation platform Airbnb do not own any property, taxi companies like Uber, Taxify and others do not have many cars or permanent drivers, everyone can work and use its own cars registered by mobile application. Most popular social portal Facebook share lots of information, but itself they are not creating any news, almost all online selling companies  are not manufacturing products and so on.

This endless list shows that the most important thing now is to recognize needs of your customer, not to have or produce exclusive product.

Clients want to participate in the choosing and buying process online, get as much information as possible.

The same tendencies we can notice in real estate market

The space here is acting the most important role, because the house or office itself is no longer the most important factor.

People want to have a knowledge about green areas, restaurants, night life, traffic jams, leisure-time places, public transport, parking space, panorama, level of contamination, kids playing grounds and more other factors around.

Depending from amenities agencies or owners are setting the fixed price and  the customer understands for what he is paying. Real estate is not only about real estate anymore, here we cannot use the same strategies and communications like we were used to before. Now everything is about experiences and people feelings, about the all view given. Businessmen, future tenants and other interested customers are searching information about the places all the time.

Collect and analyse all the data needed (competitors, all the advantages of the place, services around, other important details) takes a lot of time.

Usually people do not have that time, for this reason Colouree tech platform serves according to your needs.

Enabling Space as a Service in real Estate Market

Easy-to-use tool provides professional analyses with visually information, short explanations, charts, risk factors.

Colouree rates any property surrounding in the world giving you the quality index to live, open a new activity or have fun. Self-service model is also available for non-expert users, who like to participate in the analysing process and do not need the data permanently. Customer just need to choose location or exact property and customise important amenities, and all the analyses will appear on the screen.

Using its algorithms Colouree collects and provides the information not only about the places, but also about the most common customer needs, in this way both offer and demand sides of the market can communicate without real connection.

As a result of this process businessmen fill the gaps of space and earn money easier from the satisfied and well-informed customers.

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