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A web platform for analyzing built-up areas is going to turn Turin into a data-friendly city for students


The municipality of Turin is trying to transform the undeveloped areas of the city and make them friendly and affordable for the students and business development.

Colouree will use their algorithms to analyse the geo-referred big data from the city information bases and create interactive maps. 

The aim of the project is to develop an innovative web platform where people could find the analyzes of urban spaces. This project will focus especially on students and their needs in the “big city”.


students housing


Smart city decisions

Many students come to Turin for studying and have problems while searching for an accommodation; they spend a lot of time checking the neighborhoods and amenities around it. The maps and characteristics of any place in the city concerning the needs and lifestyles of student user will be available to the community of students, in particular university students (both residents and from other cities).

The purpose of the platform is twofold: on the one hand, to promote the innovative use of the City’s data to increase its attractiveness and to provide students-users a thorough information of the context of places, areas, buildings; on the other hand, to make the city “smart”: create the opportunities for business, improve the security and transportation systems and expand the leisure facilities and social areas. Once implemented, the analyses and services of the platform will ensure coverage of the entire urban territory.


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Colouree-AMIU-Eurocities data driven waste managment

Colouree taking part in EUROCITIES Environment Forum meeting

EUROCITIES is the network of major European cities, which was founded in 1986 by the mayors of municipal governments of the six large cities: Barcelona, Birmingham, Frankfurt, Lyon, Milan and Rotterdam.

Today, the network already units over 140 of Europe’s largest cities and over 45 partner cities. The main goal of Eurocities is to respond to common issues that affect the day-to-day lives of Europeans, and their objective is to reinforce the important role that local governments should play in a multilevel governance structure. 

EUROCITIES Environment Forum meeting

Every year, thanks to Eurocities, the cities work together, sharing the best practises and skills with their partners, in order to identify the most practical and innovative ways to bring environmental and sustainable development of cities to the local decision-making institutions and urban planning structures.

In April 3-5, 2019 EUROCITIES Environment Forum will take place in the city of Genova. This year the theme of the meeting is ‘Building Resilient Cities: from Challenges to Opportunities’. 

“This forum aims to improve understanding of what challenges cities face and what it means to be a climate resilient city. By assessing different resilience strategies from cities across Europe, participants will discuss, what aspects of these strategies can be transferred and replicated in other cities, as well as discussing possible barriers and solutions. Deep-dive session will explore risk assessment, reflections on how to make the whole community resilient and techniques to create stakeholder partnerships to build resilience at the city level. We will also have a session dedicated to the key issue of including preservation of cultural and natural heritage in cities resilience strategies.”

The Role of Colouree

In collaboration with AMIU Genova, Colouree has developed the idea of using their data-driven tool for creating a productive recycling system and providing timely waste disposal.

Colouree is going to be represented by its CEO, Arch. Nicola Pisani. The title of his speech is “Data-driven tools for planning and monitoring urban waste management systems”

colouree data-driven tool

The program is dedicated to:

  • visualization on web-map of the positioning and sizing of the urban waste accumulation points;
  • automated assessment of accessibility and sizing levels points of accumulation of urban waste at different scales (street, neighborhood, city);
  • geo-localized projections of the segmented contributions by type of user and waste;
  • geo-localized estimates of accumulation levels segmented by type of waste and bins available;
  • streamlining of routing and sheduling systems.

These data, combined with the recognition and quantification of the paths, can eventually be used to refine the routing and scheduling processes of the company.

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colouree proptech

PropTech: A Significant Feature of the Future Real Estate

PropTech is not a niche phenomenon anymore. There is an open market for it and plenty of competitors

 A wider understanding of PropTech

PropTech is a term used to define any technology for the real estate space. Steadily more data get produced as we are becoming more connected, and, therefore, a necessity for the data to be classified and compressed grows, too, opening an opportunity for PropTech solutions to step in.  


Colouree team, startup

Clients’ expectations are becoming higher, they demand not only detailed information on buildings of their interest and space around them but also require references or feedback of their potential customers. Compressed data as a result of communication helps in the process of infrastructure creation for urban planning and smart cities, as it allows to save time on information acquisition in this extremely competitive market. 


In a wider perspective, Proptech could be described as a network for innovation, startups, and developers in the real estate industry.


Currently, PropTech is no longer perceived as a niche phenomenon, and the number of competitors is increasing.

Every year PropTechMap contest takes place and startups are competing, and trying to prove themselves as the best ones in 5 contest categories: Invest and Finance, Market, Plan and Build, Manage and Operate, Next City Solutions. 


The Top 100 European PropTech Startups in 2018 

About Colouree

This year Colouree is also going to participate in the PropTech Startups competition in Invest and Finance category.


Colouree is a tool for rating the built-up areas in the cities of data around the world in real time without any need for expert advice. 


Colouree addresses the large and growing market segment of investors, managers, and consultants, making it possible for them to obtain comprehensive and structured information, as well as a quality index of any property considered for investing in.

Colouree gives an opportunity for its users to get geo-referred data analyzed in real time to match their users’ preferences in terms of their or their clients’ business needs and/or lifestyle and, therefore, make smarter business decisions. 


Using its algorithms Colouree collects and provides the information not only about the places but also about the most common customer needs, in this way both offer and demand sides of the market can communicate without a real connection.


As a result of this process, businessmen fill the gaps of space and earn money easier from the satisfied and well-informed customers.

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Colouree built up spaces as a services

Built up Space that produces money

Experiences, feelings and people needs are transforming the Real Estate market, the surroundings already have equal importance of the property itself.

Space as a Service

Through the last years created the technological landscape has changed our world radically. People think that everything should bring profit. Even the built-up area is perceived not like a product (property) anymore, but as a service, which, selected and used in an efficient way, helps to earn money.

colouree location analytics the importance of the surroundings in real estate markets

Nowadays best working accomodation platform Airbnb do not own any property, taxi companies like Uber, Taxify and others do not have many cars or permanent drivers, everyone can work and use its own cars registered by mobile application. Most popular social portal Facebook share lots of information, but itself they are not creating any news, almost all online selling companies  are not manufacturing products and so on.

This endless list shows that the most important thing now is to recognize needs of your customer, not to have or produce exclusive product.

Clients want to participate in the choosing and buying process online, get as much information as possible.

The same tendencies we can notice in the real estate market

Space here is playing the most important role because the house or office itself is no longer the most important factor.

People want to be aware of the location and accessibility of green areas, restaurants, nightlife and leisure facilities, public transport, parking space, kids playing grounds; they want to be aware of the frequency of traffic jams, level of pollution, and many more factors.

Depending on amenities, agencies or owners are setting prices and the customers understand for what they are paying. Real estate is not only about real estate anymore, and we cannot use the same strategies and communications as we used to before. Now, everything is about people experiences and feelings. Businessmen, future tenants, and real estate agents search for information on the potential places of interest before making any buying decision.

Collecting and analyzing all the necessary details concerning the location and its surroundings takes a lot of time and requires extra expenses.

if you do not have that much time, Colouree tech platform can help you out.

Enabling Space as a Service in real Estate Market

The easy-to-use tool provides professional analysis with the results reflected in a visually appealing way, using short explanations, charts, etc.

Colouree gives an opportunity for its users to get geo-referred data analyzed in real time to match their users’ preferences in terms of their or their clients’ business needs and/or lifestyle and, therefore, make smarter business decisions.
As a self-service model, Colouree location analysis tool is available for any non-expert users, who wish to participate in the analyzing process and do not need to keep the obtained data permanently. The customer simply needs to select an approximate location or an exact property on the map. Then – customize the factors or amenities they want to include in the location analysis. As a result, the results of the analysis and built-up area rating will appear on the screen.

Using its algorithm, Colouree collects and provides information not only on the places but also on the most common customer needs and requirements.

Therefore, both “the offer” and “the demand” sides of the market can benefit in terms of the time and money saved on the investigation and mutual communication, which, in addition, results in higher customer satisfaction.

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china-italy forum

ITALY-CHINA Forum – Colouree awarded as one of the Best Startup Showcases

The Italy-China forum was held in 2018, 4 December in Milan. This event is the most important cooperation program on research and innovation between these two countries.

Colouree is one of the selected startups, who had access to the Best Startup Showcase program. During the day time in the event, a series of meetings with the large delegation of public entities, companies, and Chinese investors took place. Its planned that in 2019 the Forum will be organised in Beijing.

In this meeting, Colouree was awarded as on of the Best Startup Showcases with the second prize.


Italy-China Best Startup Showcase – Entrepreneurship Competition

The third edition of the Italy-China Best Startup Showcase was the highlight of the Italy-China innovation Forum first day program.

The Best Startup Showcase and the China-Italy Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition was formed as a result of the merge of the two initiatives launched together three years ago. This year the event took a new turn and became an authentic platform which helps to evaluate not only the potential of the startup, but also the value of the market. The higher is the market potential, the higher opportunities the startups have.

There were 48 startups selected for the appointment in Milan, 36 Italian and 12 Chinese, chosen from six specific innovative sectors:


– Digital Economy,

– Artificial Intelligence & Big Data,

 – Smart Tools and Devices,

 – Advanced Production,

 – Health and Medicine,

 – Sustainable Development

china-italy forum

In the morning the Startups were presented to Chinese and Italian investors and incubators in order to build contacts with industrial and financial partners. All 36 selected Italian Startups will be accompanied in the Chinese ecosystem with increasing benefits and economic incentives ahead of the Beijing final in 2019.


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PlaceTech: 5 italian innovators transforming Real Estate

PlaceTech: bringing technology to property

PlaceTech website discovers the most promising startups across the world  who are creating innovations for the Real Estate market

Taken from the original post


Founded by architect Nicola Pisani, Coloureeis a web platform that acts as a tool for the real estate market by using geo-referred data and urban spatial analysis to provide a deeper understanding of locations and neighbourhoods. The platform rates built spaces in terms of lifestyle, commutes and business needs which allows users to make more informed decisions. Users can also generate detailed reports of projects that they’re interested in.

Colouree-real estate analytics web tool

The emerge of PropTech

The term of PropTech was created in 2014 In United Kingdom, derived from the merge of property and technology words.

The term PropTech in general refers to all those companies and technologies that allow the creation of digital solutions with a specific focus in the real estate sector.

Every year Real Estate market is constantly growing, new technologies and competitors with innovative ideas, applications are coming into this sector. However, the whole market is wide, according to function it could be divided into different groups:

  • Rental and online purchase of property;
  • Capital raising platforms for real estate investments (real estate crowdfunding);
  • Data analysis and Big Data solutions for the real estate market;
  • Property management software to support real estate management;
  • Application of new technologies such as virtual reality,which allows us to visit the property we are considering to buy or rent even at a distance.

Therefore, the main goal of PropTech is to revolutionize the world of Real Estate in order to fully adapt it to the digital world.

The classic real estate connection with the term of PropTech has a mirror reflection in the field of finances with the term of fintech.

“Proptech is the digital transformation of the real estate sector, which includes both technological and mental change in the real estate industry”  James Dearsley, co-founder of the consulting firm Proptech Consult (UK)

The pioneers of the sector

The pioneers of this emerging sector are already well-known names as AirBnB, Nest, WeWork and Zoopla. Each of these companies are working in a different PropTech sector (short-term rent, research or management of co-working places, commercial research for the properties to be sold or rented for the long-term). In general, we are talking about something what is already working successfully in the market and is accepted by society.

The role of Data Analytics in the real estate sector

The Big and Open Data analysis systems will allow to make predictions of the fundamental results and behaviors in order to succeed in the real estate market. Data analysis show how your programme could be enhance and and real estate property improved.

In addition, the using of large-scale geo-referenced information bases will make the decision-making phases and interaction with the clients easier. Prepared data will show the assessment of the attractiveness of the territory and the definition of pricing, in this way communication with companies or individual customers will become more effective and efficient.

The potential of the predictive models are based on the analysis of Big Data. For this reason the Big Data becomes an increasingly successful driver in the Real Estate sector and has the biggest opportunities for PropTech segment growth.

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Colouree helps the City of Genoa to attract real estate investors

The city of Genoa attracts the biggest real estate investors at MIPIM 2018 using data and maps to enable deep location understanding and opportunities matching

Real Estate investors are increasingly speaking the language of data

The municipality of Genoa presented itself at MIPIM 2018, the most important European Real Estate forum, to promote urban regeneration initiatives in the city and attract interested investors.

 visit GenovaMeravigliosa

 visit GenovaMeravigliosa

Among the various initiatives that the administration has put in the field, also, the website dedicated to territorial marketing,, has been created.  

Colouree has created the biggest part of the visible maps in the Genoa city website, which allows accessing data of the city central area, visited objects, leisure facilities and other places of interest. In this way citizens, tourists, investors, businessmen, consultants, and others have an opportunity to get all the necessary and extensive information about the real face of the city.

Every year Genoa becomes more and more developed because the municipality is constantly searching for investors, and implying several projects in different sectors at one time.

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Colouree is a Partner of the Nature4cities Project

Colouree is a partner of the Nature4cities project, which was funded by 7,5 million euros from the EU Horizon 2020


On November, 2016 at Anglet (FR) the Kick Off Meeting took place to start the project with the participation of all partners from different European countries.

Nature4cities is a European Commission H2020 funded project, creating a comprehensive platform for Nature Based Solution, offering technical solutions, methods and tools to empower urban planning decision making.


This will help addressing contemporary environmental, social and economical challenges that European Cities face.


The project aims to develop an integrated ecosystem of governance and planning tools focused on the use of nature-based solutions in urban contexts. Also to offer an effective knowledge and solutions to re-naturing cities: knowledge diffusion and decision support platform through new collaborative models.


Colouree is one of the 25 partners companies, universities, research centers and municipalities from all over Europe that constitute the consortium that will develop the project in the next 4 years on 4 pilot sites in urban areas in Italy, Spain, Turkey, and Hungary. 


The names of the the partners and their location on the map you can find here:

The platform launch is planned in 2020. It will provide knowledge repositories, tools for the assessment of benefits, co-benefits and costs of NBS projects, as well as tools for managing stakeholder’s participation processes.

More information you can find on the project website:

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